Has Donald Trump actually read this book he's recommending?

Or did he just copy and paste its title from Amazon?

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 10 October 2017 14:51

Far be it from me to suggest that Donald Trump is saying that a book about him is "really good" without actually having read it, but boy does it look like Donald Trump is saying a book about him is "really good" without actually having read it.

The president praised 'The Art of the Donald, Lessons from America's....' (sic) on Twitter today, only that isn't an actual book.

The Art of the Donald: Lessons from America’s Philosopher-in-Chief is, so what happened here?

Perhaps Trump was abbreviating in order to meet tweet character limits, but, in that case, 'The Art of the Donald' would seem to make the most sense.

Where did he get those dots from, then? @BeardedGenius had an interesting theory:

This would suggest that Trump blindly assumed the book to be good, or else scanned it so superficially that he didn't even remember the title.

The other possibility is that this was all a simple mistake and the President of the United States of America genuinely thinks 'Lessons from America's....' is a legitimate sentence.

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