Paperback review: The Creator, By Gudrun Minervudottir (trs by Sarah Bowen)


Brandon Robshaw
Saturday 28 September 2013 17:43

Sveinn has an unusual job: he designs and builds sex dolls.

Not blow-up dolls, but lifelike mannequins that weigh 50 kilos. And although he feels slightly ashamed of what he does, he makes a good living out of it. One day a woman – Loa – knocks on his door; her car has broken down outside his house. He asks her in and she stays the night on his sofa. In the morning she has disappeared, taking one of his dolls with her, hoping it might prove a comforting companion for her anorexic daughter. The story shuttles back and forth between Sveinn’s viewpoint and Loa’s. He wants his doll back, and meanwhile someone is sending him abusive phone messages and emails. Loa is struggling to control her drinking and her daughter goes missing .... A weird, blackly comic story, which I could see making a very good cult independent film.

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