Picture book review: Lacanau Beach, By François Cavelier


Saturday 09 March 2013 20:00

Lacanau Beach is the first book by the young French photographer François Cavelier, comprising a series of 53 images taken over three consecutive summers at one of Bordeaux's hottest holiday spots.

Cavelier displays a fashion photographer's eye for youth-culture trends, and for attractive young people with not much on. But he is also interested in continuities and communities; the ways in which we behave differently while on holiday, and the ways in which social structures and strictures remain in place.

With their colour-bleached hues and holiday-snap vibe, the pictures are able to evoke timeless teenage rituals, and universal holiday moods.

The book is available in a limited edition of 160 – or in an even more limited edition of 40 signed and numbered copies – from the publisher's website (bruneeditions.com).

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