The See-Saw, By Julia Hobsbawm

Reviewed,Katy Guest@katyguest36912
Friday 30 January 2009 01:00

This collection of "100 Ideas for Work-Life Balance" by the PR guru Julia Hobsbawm makes some good points about women and guilt, but sadly her value-tosh balance is too skewed to find room here to mention them.

What there is much more of is self-help cringe about the T-word (time) and the G-word (guilt), and plenty of the S-word (smugness) in which the fragrant Ms H compares herself to an Afghan refugee and fails to understand that not everyone lives in posh north London.

Tips: get your manicurist to come to you; organise a "non-book group" to see your friends; family karaoke in the bath is a flexible "recipe" that is great fun for singles, too! If anyone ever catches me trying it, shoot me through the head and sell me for horse meat.

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