Amy Schumer appears to slam James Corden for ‘inappropriate’ Hillary Clinton seduction skit

Corden had joked that Clinton was ‘undressing me with her eyes’ and said he wished to be her ‘minister of romance’

Adam White
Wednesday 24 June 2020 11:01
Amy Schumer appears to slam James Corden for 'inappropriate' Hillary Clinton skit

Amy Schumer has appeared to slam James Corden for an “inappropriate” seduction skit involving Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to Clinton over Zoom for Variety, Schumer recalled one of their first meetings at a US awards show, where Clinton was serenaded by one of the comedians at the event.

“In the few times that we’ve hung out, I witnessed how people have interacted with you,” Schumer said. “One time we were at this awards show, like some ‘Women of whatever the year was’ [event]. It was before you had announced your run, but everybody kind of thought you were probably going to run.

“The host of this show came out, and it was this guy, and he did a whole thing where he was singing to you, and trying to seduce you, and he sat on your lap. And I’m like, ‘This is so inappropriate. This is probably the next president of our country.’ … I was like beside myself, and I talked to you after, and you said it was par for the course.”

While Schumer did not mention the comedian by name, she and Clinton were both in attendance at the 2014 US Glamour Women of the Year Awards. The event saw Corden serenade Clinton through song and tell her from the stage that she was his “weird crush”.

Corden joked that Clinton had been “undressing me with her eyes since the second I came onstage”.

He continued: “You know how on Instagram they have ‘Weird Crush Wednesdays’? You’re my weird crush every day. I want to be your ambassador for defence, secretary for offence, I want to be your minister of romance. You’re a mum I’d like to ffff… ollow into the White House.”

Also in the Variety interview, Schumer said that nothing had been “more frustrating” for her than “any sort of rejection of [Clinton] by other women”, adding: “That to me feels unforgivable.”

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