Comedian announces 7-disc album featuring 195 orgasms and 45 minutes of crying

Deluxe editions come complete with bath robes and lounge chairs

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 10 September 2015 21:01

Comedian and Bob’s Burgers voice actor Eugene Mirman is really giving fans their money’s worth on his next release 'I'm Sorry, You're Welcome', out on 30 October through Sub Pop.

In addition to a live stand-up set recorded in Seattle in June 2014, listeners will be treated to six more discs containing mouth-made sound effects, 45 minutes of crying, introductory Russian, 195 orgasms, outgoing voicemail messages and a curiously unexplained ‘f*ckscape’.

The tracklisting was whittled down from a longest of ideas Mirman had, which also included ‘whispering secrets to my dick’, ‘songs’ and ‘yelling at inanimate objects'.

Deluxe versions of the disc set are available, which come with velour bathrobes and a mid-century style chair. You can pre-order it here.

The LP list, as per Substream mag:

LP1 – Live In Seattle At The Columbia City Theater

Good-humored noticings from America’s “Master of the Noticing!”

LP 2A – A Guided Meditation For The Thoughtful Body

A calming meditation to cheer and sooth the cluttered mind, the injured heart and the anxious body

LP 2B – Fuckscape

An erotic soundscape for lovebirds and adventurous friends

LP 3 – Eugene’s Comprehensive Sound Effects Library

Tremendous, mouth-made sound effects for amateur and professional foley artists alike

LP 4 – Digital Drugs

A binaural acoustic pharmacy for the carefree or ill

LP 5 – Over 45 Minutes of Crying

A full-hearted 45-minute cry-a-thon

LP 6A – Introduction To Spoken Russian

The language of Pushkin as taught by someone who left Russia at the age of 4

LP 6B – Ringtones & Outgoing Voicemail Messages

For Your Personal Use

Turn every phone call you miss or receive into a thousand-million smiles

LP7 – 195 Orgasms


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