21 highly awkward sex scene mishaps, from Wolf of Wall Street to Game of Thrones

Even Oscar-winners have experienced embarrassing moments on set

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Sex scenes are a notoriously tricky beast, and most actors would agree one of the most dreaded parts of the job. Even the most experienced of stars have tales of accidental flashing, on-set injuries and good old-fashioned awkwardness.

The obvious incidents are ones such as when Henry Cavill admitted he got “over-excited” while filming a steamy scene for The Tudors, or when a then-underage Christopher Mintz-Plasse had to film his Superbad character losing his virginity... while his real-life mother watched.

Other incidents are ones you might not expect, such as rapper Gucci Mane falling asleep while his on-screen partner was on top of him during Spring Breakers because he was exhausted after performing a concert. Or the time Emilia Clarke had a laughing fit because her Game of Thrones co-star Jason Momoa swapped his “modesty sock” for a fluffy pink one.

Then there are the actors who can’t forget the fact that they’re working with someone they consider a friend, or are distracted because the director happens to be their real-life partner. For Kate Winslet, both issues arose when she worked on Revolutionary Road with co-star Leonardo DiCaprio and her then-husband Sam Mendes. She won a Golden Globe for her performance, so hopefully she thinks it was worth it.

Click through the gallery below to see the 21 most awkward sex-scene mishaps:

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