Batman v Superman: this is officially, finally the last trailer you'll ever have to watch

30,000 promotional ads later, and we've finally completed our journey. 

Clarisse Loughrey
Friday 12 February 2016 11:15

Yes, there is another Batman v Superman trailer out; but this is the last one, bat-pinky promise and everything. Soon you will be free.

Though Warner Bros. may technically not be pushing Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel any more than is usual, the film currently sits in that odd position of its visibility seemingly outweighing its hype. Trailers, TV spots, viral marketing. All unloaded on the world, yet the focus has already appeared to drift from Batman v Superman to the later opening Suicide Squad, which doesn't even drop until August.

It's not particularly hard to find a certain hesitancy towards Batman v Superman's appeal in its marketing; with trailers drifting inconsistently from sombre epic to the new trailer's far more 'bro-air-punch' vibe. It's all punchy-punchy, heavy guitar riffs; as if the film's now attempting to draw in fans of the Batman: Arkham series of games, unlike Man of Steel's original ponderously reflective sell.

That said, this new take does offer a better look at Batfleck's combat strategies, though Arkham-esque as they may be, it's pretty impressive to see that kind of intense choreography pulled off in the live-action mode. Plus, we're treated to plenty of Jeremy Irons' Alfred; because who doesn't love Alfred?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits UK theatres 25 March.

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