Channing Tatum really, really wants George Clooney to strip off for Magic Mike 3

So much so, in fact, that he's already settled on Clooney's stripper name. 

Clarisse Loughrey@clarisselou
Tuesday 02 February 2016 15:41

If there's one thing to be said about Channing Tatum, it's that the man really knows how to make people happy.

Having already birthed the delights of Magic Mike's semi-autobiographical take on his male stripper past, that delight was somehow escalated to new heights with Magic Mike XXL; delivering one of the most unashamedly celebratory, inclusive, and progressive films of last year.

Will there be a Magic Mike XXXL? No word yet, though Tatum already has some ideas on how it could possibly top its predecessors. Two words: George Clooney.


Clooney joked, "Alright. Because, you know, I could use the money."

Tatum's clearly got the whole thing settled in his mind; it's enough of an inevitability in his own brain that he's already picked out Clooney's stripper name. Which is [drumroll]... George Clooney. Just, George Clooney. He's surely not the kind of man to hide behind all of the smoke and mirrors of alter egos, and he's already boasting a pretty fabulously suave name.

"I think he'd go with his actual name. You can't really beat that." Tatum chimed. Clooney seemed visibly dissatisfied with the decision, offering: "Big George?"

When Menounos suggested utilising the traditional formula for stripper names (your first pet's name combined with the street you grew up on), Clooney's answer came to; "Big Boy Fourth Street". Which is so, magically perfect it should surely be the final catalyst to Tatum landing his desired co-star.

Tatum's, if you're wondering, would be "Bear Boon". Did Tatum secretly spend his childhood hanging out with an actual bear as a pet? Another story for another time, perhaps.

Hail, Caesar! hits UK theatres 4 March.

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