Christoph Waltz feels exactly like you do about cinema snacks

"Even if it's bad, I go for the movie. But they go for the buckets"

Jacob Stolworthy
Monday 04 July 2016 16:46

It's almost refreshing to know that an actor as revered as Christoph Waltz - an Oscar winner, no less - is aware of how increasingly frustrating a trip to the cinema can be.

While most actors walk the red carpet of their film premieres only to sneak out as the picture begins, Waltz revealed to US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel that he stayed back to watch his latest The Legend of Tarzan following its Los Angeles world premiere last week.

Elaborating on the topic of cinemagoing in general, Waltz had a few things to get off his chest.

When asked if he enjoyed going, Waltz said:

"I used to. Now it's more of a multi-sensory experience with everybody talking," the Inglorious Basterds actor began, inducing laughter from the audience by quipping: "They countered that by turning up the volume so loud my earbuds buzz for a fortnight."

He then went on to his number one bugbear: eating during the film.

"Why do they have to eat crap that stinks - a guy next to me comes with a bucket full of nachos, with some non-definably stinking goo on top," he added, growing angrier by the moment.

"I go for the movie. Even if it's bad, I go for the movie. But they go for the buckets."

Take this as a warning: if you find yourself sitting next to Colonel Hans Landa himself during your next trip to the multiplex, ditch the hotdog.

Waltz' latest film, which stars Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie, is doing better than expected at the US box office despite a lacklustre critical reception.

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