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Disney hasn't announced film about openly gay princes…yet

The book is real but the adaptation isn't

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 13 November 2014 11:05

A false story is circulating this week that Disney has announced 'Princes', an animated feature about two men who set off to rescue a princess but end up falling in love.

The 'report', which has been shared 60,000 times on Facebook, claims that it will be adapted from Jeffrey A. Miles' children's book The Princes and the Treasure, but while the book is real, the adaptation isn't.

Amplifying Glass is a "satire" (I use the term loosely) site, which runs as a disclaimer:

"If you are looking for real breaking news stories, you have arrived at the wrong location. Nearly everything that we produce is designed to make you laugh and/or poke fun at the ridiculous nature of life in America. You would do well not to take anything that we say here too seriously."

But even if you didn't spot that - the 'Princes' logo halfway down the article is taken from a can of tuna for God's sake.

The news may be a hoax, but such a commission doesn't feel far off, with The Atlantic suggesting back in April that Frozen was in fact a veiled gay narrative, exploring the struggles faced by members of the LGBT community.

If Disney, and Marvel for that matter, have any sense, movies featuring strong gay protagonists will be calculatedly being cooked up right now. The internet will applaud and box office sales will snowball.

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