The Emoji Movie's Rotten Tomatoes score is awful

Critics have lambasted the new animated film as 'soulless' and 'idiotic'

Jacob Stolworthy
Sunday 30 July 2017 15:01

The emoticon that best sums up the aggregated Rotten Tomatoes score achieved by The Emoji Movie is most probably the Poop one.

After 28 reviews, the animated film - featuring the voice work of T.J. Miller, Maya Rudolph and Sir Patrick Stewart - has a grand total of (wait for it) zero percent. UPDATE: Someone has given the film a positive review! Yey?

The score is perhaps unsurprising considering the critical world have unanimously branded The Emoji Movie as “soulless,” “idiotic” and proof of “ low Hollywood will sink” for money.

Of course, this is liable to change as reviews pour in but it's not a stretch to imagine it'll stay in that region.

While some films that suffer poor reviews find themselves the victim of a poor Rotten Tomatoes rating, a measly zero percent score is near unheard of.

One such film that recently reviewed a high score, to the surprise of many, is The Conjuring prequel Annabelle: Creation: after just 12 reviews it has a perfect score of 100% compared to its predecessor - 2014's Annabelle - which received 29%.

Christopher Nolan's latest film, WWII thriller Dunkirk, has also enjoyed Rotten Tomatoes success; it currently sits as one of the filmmaker's best-rated films with an impressive 93%.

The Emoji Movie is released in the UK on 4 August

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