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Fast & Furious 8 is looking increasingly like a certainty

Fast & Furious Forever

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 15 April 2015 11:34
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 5
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 5

It's hard to imagine that Fast & Furious 8 won't happen in some way, shape or form, with 7 currently taking an ungodly amount of money at the box office worldwide and the cast already stoking rumours of another sequel.

'Yes or No?' Ludacris wrote on Facebook last night alongside a mocked up Furious 8 logo, definitely knowing what the answer from fans would be, half a million of which Liked the status in just 11 hours.

Vin Diesel has also hinted at another instalment in the Furious franchise, which after a dip with the second film has only been performing better and better at cinemas.

Yes or No?

Posted by Ludacris on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It might make sense, artistically, to leave 7 as the last film given its sense of closure and the fact that it serves as a tribute to the late Paul Walker (you can see the ending that had everyone in tears here), but this is Hollywood, and if a few more millions can be bled out of the series they will be.

It's also definitely in the actors' interest to push for another movie, with the likes of Ludacris and Vin Diesel not exactly inundated with feature work offers outside of the franchise.

It's interesting to see where it will go after the emotional side-note that was Furious 7, probably into self-parody a la Sharknado or possibly a spin-off centring around a new set of characters.

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