Fifty Shades of Grey has a fan in Helen Mirren: 'Who doesn't enjoy a jolly good spanking?'

The actress shared her thoughts on 'whips and chains' ahead of the movie

Jess Denham
Tuesday 05 August 2014 13:31
Helen Mirren enjoys the odd spanking session every now and then, apparently
Helen Mirren enjoys the odd spanking session every now and then, apparently

Dame Helen Mirren has revealed her passion for, urm, spanking, during an entertaining comedy skit on The Tonight Show.

The English actress, 69, responded to a series of questions from host Jimmy Fallon during a ‘Mirren Mirren’ Snow White parody.

Fallon dressed up as a royal prince while Mirren answered in tongue-in-cheek rhyming couplets.

When asked for her thoughts on EL James bestselling erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Queen star replied: “Whips and chains are not my style, but who doesn’t enjoy a jolly good spanking once in a while?”

The trailer for the Fifty Shades movie adaptation enjoyed the biggest online teaser launch ever last month when it notched up more than 100 million views in its first week of release.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson star as BDSM-loving billionaire Christian Gray and college student Anastacia Steele, with Rita Ora and Marcia Gay Harden also among the cast.

Mirren also joked that she doesn’t like films that make her “afraido” but does enjoy “the sequence to (cult film) Sharknado”.

She then shared her favourite Subway sandwich – “a nice foot long”. Ooh Helen, you didn’t.

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