Friends reunion: Jennifer Aniston wants 'Golden Friends' special with all the cast

The Horrible Bosses star spoke about her hopes on The Graham Norton Show

Jess Denham@jess_denham
Friday 21 November 2014 18:31
Will there ever be a Friends reunion?
Will there ever be a Friends reunion?

Will it happen, won’t it happen? Well, if Jennifer Aniston has anything to do with it then yes, a Friends reunion might just be on the cards.

The US actress, who played Rachel Green in the hit sitcom, told Graham Norton on his BBC chat show that there should be a special Golden Friends episode.

There’s a catch however, as she reckons there is only a chance of this happening when the iconic cast are “really much older” so you “wouldn’t have the comparison” with their Nineties heyday.

Aniston, 45, was appearing on Norton’s sofa with Jason Bateman to promote their new movie, Horrible Bosses 2, in which she plays sex addict Dr Julia Harris.

But chat inevitably turned to Friends when she was asked about her famous Rachel hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends.

“I only had that style for a season and then it was gone,” she said. “That baby had some legs! My hairdresser was loaded when he gave me the hair cut.

“He had a great time with the blow-dryer but didn’t think that I would have to do it myself. He then leaves me with a round brush and hairdryer. I didn’t know what I was doing. It was hair hell!”

Earlier this year, Aniston teamed up with Friends co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox, who played Phoebe and Monica, for a mini-sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sadly, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc (Chandler and Joey) were nowhere to be seen

The Graham Norton Show airs tonight on BBC One at 10.35pm. Aniston will be joined on the programme by singer Olly Murs and acting legends Dame Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman.

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