Holidate: Identity of 'Ryan Gosling' in the background of Netflix film revealed

Viewers were convinced it was the Hollywood star

Jacob Stolworthy
Thursday 05 November 2020 16:18
Holidate viewers are convinced Ryan Gosling appears in background of Netflix film
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The mystery surrounding “Ryan Gosling” in the background of a shot in new Netflix film Holidate has been solved.

Fans were convinced that the Hollywood star made a cameo appearance in the new Christmas romantic comedy, which was released on the streaming service last week.

Viewers were left wondering if Gosling made a walk-on appearance as his name is mentioned in a climactic scene taking place in the frozen food aisle of a supermarket.

Twitter was filled with posts of confused people wondering if they had seen him, with one reading: “From the side view, it really kinda looks like Ryan Gosling but because [he's blurred] I'm not sure, but he REALLY LOOKS LIKE RYAN GOSLING.”

It turns out it's not Gosling at all. The Independent has been notified that the actor – named Chad Zigmund – was actually Bracey’s stand-in. Read our interview with the man of the moment here.

The actor posted a photo on his social media page on Monday (2 November), with the caption: “I am Chad ‘Frozen Food Ryan Gosling’ Zigmund.”

Zigmund's Instagram page notes that he is also a stuntman.

His credits as an actor include short film Orphaned Courage, Ghost in the Family and TV series The Calling of Lizzy McBride.

Zigmund says the decision to have him walk into shot behind Roberts was “impromptu”.

Gosling  is a topic of conversation between the film's main characters, Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson (Bracey), near the beginning of the film, and he is brought up again in the supermarket scene.

Jackson says to Sloane: “I bet you money that if Ryan Gosling waltzed down this frozen food aisle and offered to take you on the ride of your life, you would still say no – 'cause you'd be too afraid to get on that train: the Ryan Gosling train.”

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As he walks away, Sloane shouts after him: “You are so wrong. Ryan Gosling would never do his own shopping; he's way too cool for that.”

As Sloane says this, Zigmund – believed to be Gosling – slides into shot behind her and opens a freezer to inspect the food items inside.

Chad Zigmund, the actor everyone thought was Ryan Gosling in ‘Holidate’

The Christmas film has proved a Netflix hit despite the fact it has just turned November.

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