Leonardo DiCaprio fields cringe-worthy question from journalist following his Oscars win

'...What about it?'

Christopher Hooton@christophhooton
Wednesday 02 March 2016 10:37
Leonardo DiCaprio fields cringe-worthy question from reporter following his Oscar win

It’s Oscars night. Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a historic moment for his career. You’re in the press room backstage, and you get to ask him the one final question before the press conference interview is wrapped up.

There are so many things you could ask such a talented man with such a diverse range of films behind him, but literally something as simple as ‘What is your favourite flavour of Skittle?’ would have been more worthwhile than this.

If that wasn’t enough soul-wrenching discomfort for you, here’s the full transcript.

Q. I am the first Egyptian journalist covering the Oscars from here. And that’s about the first Oscar for you?

A. (DiCaprio) I’m sorry, what was your question?

Q. What about the first Oscar for you?

A. "What about it?"

Q. For your Oscar?

A. Yeah, it feels amazing. *Iñárritu cracks up*

Q. It’s a first. What about that?

A. Yeah it is the first. Look, like I said, I’m just incredibly grateful. Thank you.

The language issue can be forgiven (my Arabic isn't so hot), but both DiCaprio and his director were pretty stunned by the vagueness of the question.

Inane, unavoidable Qs aside, DiCaprio largely avoided the ‘he’s finally won’ narrative at the ceremony on Sunday, using his acceptance speech instead as a platform to talk about climate change.

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