The Night Manager actor says 'boom' in roles for black actors since Oscars

David Harewood has said that studios finally "seem to be getting the message" in the face of #OscarsSoWhite controversy

Clarisse Loughrey@clarisselou
Tuesday 22 March 2016 17:12

Though many felt dispirited that the Academy Awards had once more failed to recognise non-white actors amongst its categories; it appears as if the vocal opposition is starting to have a visible effect on the industry.

The Night Manager and Homeland's David Harewood stated he's noticed a "real boom" in scripts and parts for black actors following the Oscars diversity controversy; when several high-profile stars boycotted the event in protest of the lack of a single non-white nominee featured in any of this year's acting categories.

Harewood told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV's This Morning (via The Guardian) that he is now starting to see "great parts coming through"; stating, "studio heads seem to be getting the message that there is not only an audience out there, but there is a desire for people to see people of colour in central roles and in authoritative roles."

The British actor is currently starring in BBC One's The Night Manager, taking its basis from John le Carré's thriller to offer a modernised version of the classic spy novel. Starring alongside Olivia Coleman and Tom Hiddleston, Harewood particularly enthused about Hugh Laurie's performance as the piece's menacing villain, Richard Roper.

"We all know Hugh as this fairly affable guy, but on set he was a bit of a terror," he told the hosts. "He had this weight to him and that voice he was using [in character] was so... so outlandish and he just became this extreme sort of embodiment. I wasn’t on set a lot with him because a lot of my scenes weren’t around him... any time he came through the hotel lobby, he was just so into it, he had a presence."

The last episode of The Night Manager airs on BBC One, 9PM.

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