Also showing: Fast Girls, Kosmos, A Thousand Kisses Deep and Late September


Nicholas Barber
Monday 18 June 2012 11:13

Fast Girls (89 mins, 12A)

Can a working-class girl and a middle-class girl put aside their

differences for the sake of Team GB's relay team? If athletics were this formulaic, no one would ever watch.

Kosmos (122 mins, 12A)

Cryptic Turkish magic-realism featuring an enigmatic drifter with healing powers. A challenge.

A Thousand Kisses Deep (81 mins, 15)

Shoddy indie drama in which Jodie Whittaker time-travels to sort out her relationship with Dougray Scott's abusive jazz trumpeter.

Late September (87 mins, 15)

Mumblecore meets Mike Leigh in this zero-budget improv drama about a marriage which crumbles at a 65th birthday party.

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