DVD & Blu-ray review: The Expendables 2 (15) Simon West (102mins)


Ben Walsh
Saturday 08 December 2012 01:00

"I need a weapon, something big," drones Arnold Schwarzenegger, his eyes squinting like someone's misplaced his dumbbells.

He's just been rescued from a Nepalese jail by Sly Stallone's crew of cliché-spouting mercenaries (or "his little gang of psychotic mutts" as Bruce Willis helpfully points out), including Liam Hemsworth, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham. Like last time, the big lunks (above) get to kill things, trade insults and reference, painfully, their action glory days. Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme (a surprising highlight) join in the poorly scripted carnage.

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