Beyonce trips down stairs during tour performance, but handles it 'like Queen she is'

Singer loses footing while walking down flight of stairs at Nashville concert

Toyin Owoseje@toyinreports
Saturday 25 August 2018 13:27
Beyonce expertly handles nearly falling down the stairs during performance

Beyonce has once again demonstrated her seemingly otherworldly ability to retain grace and poise in even the most challenging of circumstances, by managing to save herself from falling down a flight of stairs during a recent concert.

The singer was performing in Nashville as part of her joint On the Run II tour with husband Jay-Z’, when she buckled in her stilettos.

While mere mortals - not least the long list of fellow entertainers who have stumbled on stage with more unfortunate consequences - would have gone head first down the steps, 'Queen Bey' refused to let her crown slip.

In a video posted on Twitter, the 36-year-old entertainer simply proceeded to squat then kick to regain her footing, while barely missing a beat.

The Formation hit maker’s faultless recovery attracted the customary barrage of online praise, with one person writing: “Beyonce didnt almost fall, the fall almost Beyonced."

Another said: “The devil works hard but Beyonce works harder.”

One twitter user wrote: “QUEEEENNN! This women can trip, slip, slide, Wobble, etc BUT she will play it off with grace boy!! Yasssssss!!! That core strength is something serious!”

It didn’t take long for the emergence of theories as to how the mother-of-three might have perfected her response to such mishaps, with one fan suggesting that she “probably has someone push her during rehearsals so she can practice her falls”.

Many will be aware that Beyonce has not always shown the same mastery of gravity. In April, she fell while performing with her sister Solange Knowles at her history-making Coachella headline show.

The sisters were engaging in a dance-off to her track Get Me Bodied when Beyonce fell, with Solange doing the same while trying to pick her up.

Refusing to allow the clumsy moment to ruin the set, the pair decided to add it to the choreography by rolling around on the on stage for an extra few seconds before continuing their performance.

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