Food for thought: William Doyle (aka East India Youth )

He shares his week in culture...

Charlotte Cripps
Friday 03 April 2015 16:02
William Doyle aka India Youth
William Doyle aka India Youth

The electronica musician from Bournemouth releases his new album Volume of Culture on Monday.


Got back from Oslo’s By:Larm festival where I met the brilliant songwriter Sasha Siem. Her new album Most of the Boys is just out. Just as you think you have Sasha’s sound figured out, it changes.


I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary poetry, recommended by a friend. He started me on some anthologies, including I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best.


I’ve been looking at the work of video directors, and came across Jeff Low. He created a fantastic advert for male incontinence pads...


Downloaded Grim Fandango Remastered, a graphically-improved version of a 1998 PC game. It’s an incredible piece of work: the score, the plot, the puzzles. I lost the whole day immersed in its beautiful world.


Packing up my flat and getting distracted by records. Trein Maersk by the criminally unknown Icebreaker International makes an appearance.


Today I’m taking a 10-hour flight to Dallas, then driving to Austin for this year’s manic SxSW Festival. I watch Foxcatcher and St Vincent.


Now in Texas, travelling to downtown Austin for our shows. Perfect driving music is Cass McComb’s double album Big Wheel and Others.

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