The Playlist: Dum Dum Girls / Lorde / Moose Blood

The songs that are hot on our playlist this week

John Hall
Friday 08 November 2013 20:00
Dum Dum Girls's third LP is out in January
Dum Dum Girls's third LP is out in January

Dum Dum Girls - Lost Boys and Girls Club

This dark and moody indie-pop track is the first teaser to emerge from DDG's recently announced third LP, out in January.

Lorde - Royals (Raekwon remix)

The Wu-Tang man is just the latest to rework Lorde's astounding track. Featuring new rapped verses, the song is also stripped to its bare musical bones: the simple beat becomes lead instrument and the gospel backing vocals dominate.

Ty Segall - The Man Man

Much has been made of the garage-rocker's forthcoming folk-influenced LP, but if it is all as good as this emotive number, fans need not worry.

Moose Blood - Stay Here

Taken from the Canterbury band's forthcoming split EP with Departures, “Stay Here” is a relentlessly anthemic track, drawing on pop-punk, emo and post-hardcore.

No Joy - Second Spine

The Montreal band continue to explore the poppier suburbs of shoegaze on this second single from their recent 'Pastel and Pass Out' EP.

Psalm Zero - Force My Hand

Featuring former members of Castevet, Extra Life and Dirty Projectors, Psalm Zero make prog-influenced industrial metal driven by droning melodies, ultra-clipped beats and thrashy, hook-laden guitar lines.

Joe - Slope

The low-key London producer returns with just his fifth single in four years. If you're a fan of glitchy, experimental EDM, however, you'll probably agree Joe is always worth waiting for.

Slick Shoota ft. Purple - F Dat

No, not some hardcore gangster rapper from New York – Slick Shoota is a Norwegian dance producer making high-BPM music influenced by late-1990s UK garage.

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