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Glastonbury on Sunday, as it happened: The Cure close Glastonbury 2019 with 'Boys Don't Cry'

Final day of Glastonbury took place at Worthy Farm after a weekend of unprecedented good weather

Roisin O'Connor,Amy Blumsom
Sunday 30 June 2019 15:50
The Cure perform Friday I'm In Love at Glastonbury

The Cure performed the closing set of the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2019, with a euphoric rendition of "Boys Don't Cry".

The goth rockers played a number of crowd favourites including "Friday I'm in Love", "The Forest" and "In Between Days".

During their set, frontman Robert Smith quipped that he was attempting to win the prize for saying "the least" during the performance, referring to his near-silence in between songs for the first half of the show.

The performance was preceded by Vampire Weekend on the same stage, along with shows across Worthy Farm by artists including Miley Cyrus, Loyle Carner, Dave, Flohio, Little Simz, Janelle Monae, Kylie Minogue and Years & Years.

Temperatures were slightly cooler following what appeared to be a near-record-breaking heatwave on the Saturday, that prompted one glamping site to ban showers due to a water shortage.

The liveblog has now closed:

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Good morning and welcome to the last day of the Independent's Glastonbury live blog! We'll be bringing you all the latest from Worthy Farm this sunny Sunday.

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 09:02

It's the year of the singer/rapper this year at Glastonbury. Lizzo delivered yesterday, more than meeting the high bar set by Stormzy's legendary set on Friday. Read Alexandra Pollard's review in full:

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 09:15

Poor old Hozier is probably sick of playing "Take me to Church" (you know a song has become ubiquitous when it crops up in a Les Mills gym class). The Glasto crowd definitely weren't sick of hearing it though. Read Alexandra Pollard's review in full here.


amy.blumsom30 June 2019 09:26

Mark Beaumont gave Liam Gallagher three stars for his Oasis-heavy set. Someone should probably warn Mark that Liam doesn't always take kindly to anything less than flowing praise. I was on the receiving end of the angrier Gallagher bro's ire a couple of Reading festivals ago over my own three-star take on his performance, although that was because I got the hue of his parka wrong...

Brace yourself for a Twitter tirade, Mark. Anyway, read the review here. As you were AB x

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 09:38

Of course, the main event yesterday were the Killers, who brought with them onto the stage a succession of special guests from Jimmy Carr to Johnny Marr. Jazz Munroe's excellent review is worth reading just for his summation of frontman Brendan Flowers alone.

"Brandon Flowers, who has the sort of charisma you would programme into an android concierge, enhances the sense of uncanny. His waxwork smile can’t decide whether to sell you a car or a chorus, and he reliably announces, with corporate pizzazz, the band’s catchphrase: “We’re the Killers, brought to you by way of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!”"

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 09:48

Janet Jackson's performed to a slightly thinned-out crowd yesterday thanks in part to a clash with Lizzo. The press delighted earlier this year when Jackson's team appeared to doctor the poster to give her a higher billing, but it sounds as though she definitely lived up to her own superstar expectations. Read Alexandra Pollard's four star review here.

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 10:02

One of the highlights yesterday for our Alexandra Pollard in the field was Lizzo and her flute solos: "The 31-year-old singer and rapper offered the perfect Saturday afternoon vibes - playful, rowdy, and laden with personality and defiant declarations of self-love. But it was the two flute solos - one during "Truth Hurts" and a second, full of trills and runs, during "Good as Hell" - which whipped the crowd up into a reverential frenzy. Lizzo is already a star, of course, but I suspect she's a future headliner."

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 10:12

Breaking news from Alexandra Pollard - the Glastonbury showers are finally back up and running, so you can throw away those nose pegs. 

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and the talk of the campsite this morning is that the showers are back in business, after being shut off yesterday to preserve water amid the extreme heatwave. The news has been met with even more enthusiasm than Lizzo's flute solos yesterday. Walking back to my tent with wet hair, as the sound of Christine and the Queens soundchecking ahead of her headline set on the Other Stage later today drifted through the air, I got a taste of the life of a celebrity. Every few seconds, people stopped me to ask if the rumours were true. I was thrilled to confirm that they were."

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 10:15

Anna Leszkiewicz achieved the holy grail of all celeb spots yesterday, Alexa Chung. It's her first time at Worthy Farm so I'm putting this golden egg down to beginners luck.

"I’ve never been to Glastonbury before, so my understanding of the festival has mostly been pieced together from pictures of Nick Grimshaw and his mates wading through mud in the following Monday’s Metro. So far it hasn’t been exactly what I expected - it’s so big, more a marathon than a wild messy sprint. But then I saw her - Alexa Chung, in the flesh, laughing and making an offhand comment about the weather - looking exactly like she did in pictures in 2008. Finally I felt so Glasto."

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 10:22

Slowthai's set was full of false starts, political ire...and socks. Read Mark Beaumont's review in full here.

amy.blumsom30 June 2019 10:32

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