39 shots from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer analysed: From Rey being on the dark side to Jedi Finn

'It's true, all of it'

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 20 October 2015 12:54
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Following on from teasers earlier this week, Disney finally released the last trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

At first, it seemed to reveal very little about the upcoming film, but on closer inspection this trailer may have revealed more information than the others combined, especially when analysed alongside the official poster.

Speculation has been running rampant on internet forums, so to help you out we've dissected 39 different shots from the trailer. If you haven't, I recommend reading this article on "5 major talking points from the new Star Wars poster", as various points will come up in the discussion below.

Prepare to be left with more questions than answers. Here we go!

The very first shot is of Daisy Ridley's character, Rey. This is extremely important as she will be the story's main character - the poster accomplished the same by haveing her in the centre.

A better look at Rey's foraging adventure, revealing she is inside one of the abandoned Star Destroyers seen in the first shot of the first trailer. This also means she is on the planet Jakku, which you can explore in this 360 degree trailer.

Again, Rey in the massive Star Destroyer. It seems foragers have already taken everything, which begs the question, why bother going back? At this point in the trailer an odd voice asks: "Who are you?"

"I'm no one" Rey replies. It's likely the beginning of the film will focus on Rey and her droid, BB-8. From these opening shots, it would appear she's stranded on Jakku, looking to make money from spare parts she can find in the same way Luke was stuck on Tatooine at the beginning of A New Hope.

This wouldn't be the first time director JJ Abrams's main character has been stuck on their home planet before flying off on an adventure: in Star Trek captain Kirk is detained on Earth after cheating on a simulation.

These two shots together back this theory up, as Rey appears to be longingly looking at a ship leaving the planet. It should also be noted that her willingness to explore dangerous places and not stay at home signals she's on her own in the world, perhaps abandoned by her parents. Two theory's are currently circulating as to whom she is related to, the first is Han and Leia, the other Luke Skywalker. We'll come back to this in a minute.

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Our first shot of the 'new' bad guys: The First Order, a spin-off of the Empire. These guys are led by Snoke, Andy Serkis’s character in the film.

Here's John Boyega as Finn, removing his Stormtrooper helmet.

A Tie Fighter crashing towards a desert planet, followed by Finn stranded on that desert planet. This is pretty obviously Jakku, again. It would appear, then, that Finn was either undercover as a Stormtrooper or a member of the First Order.

His lines "I was raised to do one thing, but I've got nothing to fight for" imply he was brought up a trooper, but doesn't believe in the cause. While the troopers were all clones of Jango Fett it's likely that after the fall of the Empire the First Oder recruited everyone they could, rendering the ridiculous point "There can't be a black Stormtrooper" absolutely pointless. Glad we can all move on.

Back to the villains, here we see Captain Phasma in a typical JJ solar-flare shot.

The big bad, Kylo Ren. Very little is known about this guy except he's working with the First Order, not for them.

"Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started." Ren idolises the late Darth Vadar, having gone so far as to collect his burnt mask.

We're presuming this guy is Poe, having been captured by the Order and manipulated by Ren. The second shot appears to show a planet being destroyed. We already know that the Order have a base on an ice planet - seen in the top left of the poster - which has a weapon built to destroy planets.

With the fade out from Poe's painful expression to the red wave of destruction, could they be destroying his home? Vader did this to Leia in A New Hope when trying to get information from her. These similarities point to another theory, could he be Han and Leia's son?

Back to Jakku, and Han's there now, being chased down by Tie Fighters. So, why is he there? Seeing as Finn got shot down earlier, it appears the Order are parked just outside the planet and there was some sort of battle, perhaps with Solo and other members of the resistance.

Finn and Rey are together! Woohoo!

And with Han!

"There are stories about what happened," asks Daisy.

"It's true, all of it," replies Han.

This... This is a big deal. What's being implied is that the Empire's defeat was somehow covered up - the tale of Luke, Leia and Han have somehow become a myth rather than fact. If Finn was 'raised' a Stormtrooper and has no idea, this implies even members of the First Order are unaware of what really happened.

Why would they cover their defeat up? To not show weakness, to remain in control, to make sure the resistance has no hope. But could they really have covered up these seismic events?

Making the jump to light speed!

A better look at Ren and his knights.

Incoming X-Wings.

Some bromance between Finn and Poe. Unsure whether this is after Kylo Ren gets a hold of Poe, or if he managed to somehow escape. Either way, Finn's part of the resistance at last.

Another shot of X-Wings in battle - there sure was a lot of action in this trailer.

Quick look back at Jakku, and a Tie Fighter has just destroyed whatever Finn, Rey and BB-8 were running towards.

Another interesting shot. This is widely believed to be Maz Kanata's pirate hold up. According to the Wikia, she's a female pirate who owned a castle “which played host to travellers, smugglers and other riff raff.” Han's obviously kept his connections from his looting days. But why are they here? Running from the Order? Has the Falcon been damaged, again?

Lots of questions surrounding this shot, mainly: is that Luke? The robot hand and R2D2 imply a definite yes, but you never can be sure. What is he doing on this bleak planet? And where's C3PO?

Judging by the fire and the feel of these shots, Phasma and the First Order are on the same planet as the hooded character above. They've also destroyed a whole lot of stuff, perhaps they're searching for Luke.

Kylo Ren's there, and he's cutting into something. Could he be fighting Luke? This shot actually looks more like someone being beheaded - even if it's just a random person he's attacking this shows how evil Ren is. If it is Luke, could he be sacraficing him self, Obi-Wan style?

Rey's crying, but over who? Luke? Leaving her home? Finding Poe after he's been controlled by Ren? Over HAN?!?

Few, Han's ok, and he's with Chewie. They've been captured on a forest planet - possibly while visiting Maz Kanata.

Poe's going back into battle, this time with BB-8. We can safely say that the three must be friends - why else would Rey lend him BB? This battle is also taking place on the ice planet, presumably the same one seen on the poster. An all out attack from the resistance on the Starkiller base then - very much like in A New Hope when Luke attacks the Death Star. More similarities to a Skywalker from Poe...

Wow, she's angry. Because of the death of Luke, who could possibly be her father? The death of Han? Poe?

This shot implies a dark side to Rey, which was heavily hinted by the poster. If she is a Skywalker, it would come as no suprise to find that she is evil. After all, her grandfather would be Darth Vader. It would be interesting to have a character struggle with the two sides of the force, much like Anakin did in the prequels. Hopefully, this time it will be done right.

Our first proper look at Leia, and she's looking very sad, laying her head on Han. Has she found out Luke has died? Has her daughter, Rey, been captured? Or her son Poe, fallen in battle? One of them has to be related, right?

Finn's a bad*ss Jedi, in case you didn't know.

One final shot, featuring a petrified Finn going against Kylo Ren. This battle seems to be taking place on that same ice planet as in the other shots. But who has trained Finn? He looks no-where near ready.

So, a lot of questions and not very many answers. Feel free to speculate in the comments. Until the movie finally comes out in December, may the Force be with you.

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