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ABBA Voyage: Band announce ‘revolutionary’ concert and brand new album

Fans overjoyed at news of first new ABBA album in almost 40 years

Roisin O'Connor,Elizabeth Aubrey
Thursday 02 September 2021 16:49
Eurovision 1974: Abba performs Waterloo

ABBA have announced that they are releasing their first new music in 40 years, as well as the launch of a “revolutionary” concert next year.

Following the announcement this evening in London, the group – made up of Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad, Agnetha Fälskog and Björn Ulvaeus also unveiled two new singles: “I Still Have Faith With You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down”.

Both songs will appear on their forthcoming, 10-track album, ‘Voyage’. The album, which will be the group’s first studio album since “The Visitors”, will be released this November.

ABBA also announced details of a state-of-the-art virtual tour in which all four members of the band will appear on stage digitally.

Find out how to get tickets to their concerts here.


Awww. Asked what ABBA mean to her, one Swedish fan said: “Gold... they put gold around my life.”

Roisin O'Connor2 September 2021 17:56

Oh gosh, here we go. Crying already.

Roisin O'Connor2 September 2021 18:01

There they are! It’s digital versions of the band themselves, quite eerily realistic.

Roisin O'Connor2 September 2021 18:04

Roisin O'Connor2 September 2021 18:04

ABBA announce brand new album ‘Voyage’ and ‘revolutionary’ concert tour

THEY’RE BACK. ABBA have announced a brand-new album, Voyage, and a “revolutionary” concert taking place from 27 May 2022 in a purpose-built arena in London.

Roisin O'Connor2 September 2021 18:07

Full story as ABBA announce brand new music for the first time in 40 years

Roisin O'Connor2 September 2021 18:10

How to get tickets to the ABBA concerts

One of the most exciting revelations from the ABBA Voyage announcement (and there were a few) was the news that the band will be taking part in a revolutionary concert residency in London, at a specially designed stadium in Stratford.

Find out more here:

How to get tickets to Abba’s Voyage concerts

Band reunite for first new music in nearly 40 years

Elizabeth Aubrey2 September 2021 18:16

More details of the digital live events emerge

Speaking about the digital evnet right now on the live stream, Benny and Björn have said they’ll be 22 songs on the digital tour and that fans can expect a “greatest hits” set, plus the two new songs that have been released this evening, “I Still Have Faith With You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down“.

The group teamed up with Star Wars’ George Lucas’ studio to develop digital representations of themselves using this first-of-a-kind, “revolutionary” technology. A preview of what the digital versions of ABBA look like can be seen in the accompanying video for “I Still Have Faith In You”.

The digital versions of ABBA were created following weeks and months of motion-capture and performance techniques with the four band members and an 850-strong team from Industrial Light & Magic, the company founded by Lucas, in what is the company’s first foray into music.

Elizabeth Aubrey2 September 2021 18:23

A new ABBA Christmas single is on the way!

Just when things couldn’t get any more exciting, Benny and Björn revealed that a new ABBA Christmas song is on the way too.

When Zoe Ball asked them what to expect from the album, they said: “What can you say about a song? I mean you have to hear it. It’s a little mixture of everything. We have a little Christmas tune too.”

It’s called “Little Things”.

It’s okay to scream (some more) at this point.

Elizabeth Aubrey2 September 2021 18:26

Fans are reacting to the incredible news

Fans all around the world have been reacting to the news - you can see some of their (very excited) reactions here:

ABBA fans react with joy to reunion and release of new music

New album ‘Voyage’ will be followed by a digital concert series in London

Elizabeth Aubrey2 September 2021 18:33

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