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Beyonce Lemonade CD release date: New album will hit record shops next month

You will still only be able to stream the record on Tidal

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 27 April 2016 09:17

Beyoncé’s latest album Lemonade has had a staggered release: although originally billed as a Tidal exclusive, the album has since popped up on iTunes and now how a physical release date.

You can now pre-order the album at retailers such as Amazon, with the CD coming with a DVD featuring the ‘visual companion’.

While the album may be hitting record shops, however, Tidal will remain the only place where listeners can stream the album in the meantime (so don’t expect it to hit Spotify or Apple Music any time soon).

However, since Lemonade’s release, the record has become available to listen to for free via BBC iPlayer. A listening party took place on Radio One and the show went online for UK listeners to hear back.

The album itself contains many lyrics fans think are aimed at Jay-Z, including: “Who the f*ck do you think I am? / You ain’t married to no average b*tch, boy”.

The video companion also features numerous cameos from the likes of Serena Williams, Blue Ivy and Mr Z.

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