Black Sabbath new album and final tour to come 'sooner rather than later' says Ozzy Osbourne

Last year's 13 was believed to be the group's last ever album

Jess Denham
Tuesday 30 September 2014 22:32
Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne will be back in 2015
Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne will be back in 2015

Ozzy Osbourne’s band Black Sabbath have announced are to release one more album before breaking up and yes, that means one more tour as well.

It was thought that last year’s 13 would be the final record from the heavy metal group, but they will now return to the studio in 2015 to work on fresh material.

Frontman Osbourne has been tempted to make more music after the last Black Sabbath recording sessions proved “a lot of fun”.

“The whole Sabbath experience this time around was great,” he told Metal Hammer. “We all made friends, we didn’t f*** around, we all knew that we had a job to do and we did it.

So we’re going to do one more album and a final tour. Once the dust settled after the last tour we started discussing the idea, because we were getting asked about it all the time.”

Osbourne reportedly asked his music manager wife Sharon whether Black Sabbath still had another record in them.

“She said ‘Oh, I still have to talk to so and so…’ and I said, ‘Sharon, I ain’t f***ing 21 anymore, if we’re going to do it I want to do it before I’m 70!” Time isn’t on our side! So she made the call and came back and said, ‘Yeah, the record company wants another album’.”

Few details have emerged about the forthcoming album, to be recorded “sooner rather than later”, but Osbourne has hinted that producer Rick Rubin may well be involved.

“I don’t know if we’ll be writing in England or LA but I’ll fly to the f***ing moon for it if I have to!” he said.

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Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is currently undergoing cancer treatment, so the timeframe will depend on his health.

Earlier this year after the band headlined a Hyde Park gig, Iommi suggested that it might been the “last ever Sabbath show”.

“I don’t want it to be but there’s nothing really planned touring-wise so for all we know that could be it really,” he said. “To be honest I don’t want to be touring to this extent too much longer because it makes me feel so bad.”

Black Sabbath hit number one in the UK with 13, which featured original members Osbourne, Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler. The album set a record of 43 years for the longest ever gap between two number one albums.

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