Crying with my eyes wide shut: JLS break down in tears on Alan Carr chat show over split


Daisy Wyatt
Friday 26 April 2013 12:54

Founding JLS member Oristé Williams broke down in tears after being asked why the band split after five years together.

Oristé starting crying on Channel 4’s Alan Carr Chatty Man, but was comforted with a hug from the host.

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Speaking about his emotion, Oristé told Alan Carr: “I saw the fans literally as we were coming in to see you and just seeing them cry and seeing them upset has really evoked that emotion in me.”

In the interview JLS speak for the first time in public about their decision to split and “bow out at the top”.

Marvin said: “We never wanted to overstay our welcome in the industry. We want to see it as a celebration, that we’ve achieved so much and we wanted to go out on top and not be that act where people are like ‘o bloody hell, it’s JLS again’.”

The band, who are the first X Factor group to fulfil their five year contract with Sony, have decided not to sign another five album deal with the record label.

“Five years doesn’t seem like a long time but that would be like us doing an album every year- it’s a five album deal- so for the next 10 years, we do an album every two years and it’s like…it’s a long contract,” said Aston Merrygold.

Marvin Humes added: “It’s hard to say there’s a right time to do it, but with the Greatest Hits album and the Greatest Hits tour, and the end of our contract, it’s like it does kind of make sense.”

JB Gill added: “We’re getting older- not too old- but you get older, you want to do different things. We are a band but it’s like a family, and family grow up, the teenagers go off to college, they do their own thing, they might want to move house you know.”

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JLS said they have “no regrets” about not conquering America, and stressed that all of their earnings will be split equally between the four of them.

At the end of the interview the band mates raised their glasses to thank their fans.

Oristé said: “Honestly, without you guys we wouldn’t have had the successful five years of our lives. You guys have supported us through thick and thin, you’ve sent us to number one five times, you’ve got us to win Brit award, MOBO awards, you’ve made our dreams come true.”

Alan Carr Chatty Man airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4

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