The Horrors talk to Paul Epworth about new album 'V' - exclusive video

Band speak with their producer about the producer about the process of making their fifth record

Roisin O'Connor
Music Correspondent
Friday 22 September 2017 09:06

The Horrors release their superb new album V today via Wolf Tone/Caroline International.

In the first half of the two-part video interview, the band sat down with record producer Paul Epworth to discuss the process of making the album in a track-by-track.

It's a helpful insight into the inner-workings of The Horrors' fifth album, at one point the group discusses the track "Hologram" - the first song on the record.

"Once 'Hologram' took shape, in its final form I think it informed the rest of the record," frontman Faris Badwan says. "Definitely when I first heard that bass line it shifted the whole record... not a turning point but definitely a really important moment in the process."

"'Press Enter To Exit' had almost a two-year gestation period," Epworth reveals, later asking Badwan where the song title came from.

"To me it represented the contradictions int he lyrics," he explains. "I was actually at a cash machine and thinking it's kind of weird how you have to press 'Enter' to exit..."

"It's where the best song titles come from," Epworth suggests.

The Independent gave V four out of five stars and said: "Paul Epworth’s hand is evident here, as the band are given freedom to explore and try new things.

"Closing track “Something To Remember Me By” is dance-friendly and positively glimmers, those bright synths sustain then build as Faris Badwan sings about leaving things behind.

"It’s a poignant thing to leave the listener with, confident that the band have landed on something quite different, but perhaps even better than what they had before."

V - the new album from The Horrors - is out now via Wolf Tone/Caroline International records.

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