John Lewis Christmas advert 2015 song: Oasis fans angry that Aurora has 'ruined Christmas' with cover

Her take on 'Half the World Away' has been met with praise by some and uproar by others

Jess Denham
Friday 06 November 2015 09:16
John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015

Today marks the start of the Christmas countdown, as this year’s John Lewis ad is finally revealed. Defying tradition, the retailers have put a man on the moon to the tune of Oasis hit “Half the World Away”, covered by newcomer Aurora Aksnes.

The 19-year-old Scandinavian singer’s “quirky voice” was “perfect for the song”, insiders said, and our music critic has praised the “definite Bjork-esque redolence to her voice: light, fluttering, moody and quivering with emotional pull”.

But what do the swathes of devoted Oasis fans out there make of the choice? This is a young woman who has covered infamous Miley Cyrus chart-topper “Wrecking Ball”, after all (beautifully, might we add) .

Reactions are mixed, with some people loving the cover, but many are moaning that if John Lewis wanted to use the track, they should have used the original. Others just wish it had stayed well clear of Noel, Liam and the boys full stop.

“Turned off the John Lewis advert after just five seconds,” one Twitter user wrote. “How could they ruin an Oasis song?”

“Okay John Lewis, stop this madness right now,” another frustrated fan said. “You’ve already butchered The Smiths and The Cure in the name of Christmas. Now Oasis. Argh!”

Take a look at the responses so far from the glowing… the not so sure… the absolutely furious…

For the last six years, each song performed for the department store’s adverts has been released as a single, starting in 2009 when Taken by Trees’ covered “Sweet Child o’ Mine”.

Last year, Tom Odell had the honour of covering the Beatles’ “Real Love”, reaching no 7 in the charts. In both 2012 and 2013, the John Lewis song made it to number one with Gabrielle Aplin’s “The Power of Love” and Lily Allen’s “Somewhere Only We Know”.

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