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Limp Bizkit fans turn up to non-existent Limp Bizkit gig at Ohio gas station

They were supposedly playing a secret show

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 21 April 2016 11:55
A Google Street View of the gas station at Keowee St & Wayne Ave
A Google Street View of the gas station at Keowee St & Wayne Ave

It was just one of those days for Limp Bizkit fans in Dayton, Ohio this week, several of whom turned up to a “secret show” at a gas station that turned out to be entirely fake.

The rumour started on Facebook, where a man named Brian Baker set up a ‘Limp Bizkit to play 4/20 Secret Show’ which got picked up by both and a local NBC news outlet.

The Dayton Police Department pleaded with citizens not to turn up, tweeting: “BE AWARE: There is NO Limp Bizkit concert Wed 4/20 at Sunoco station at Keowee St & Wayne Ave. These ads FALSE.”

Even lead singer Fred Durst shot down the hoax on Twitter, but this message clearly didn’t get through to a few hardcore Bizkit fans, who formed a crowd at the Sunoco station.

They found no rap nu-metal though, only the usual gas pumps and a few irked police.

More than 100 people stuck around after the station was closed even though there was no sign of Durst et al, with reporting that people resorted to playing the Bizkit on their car stereos instead.

One of the co-administrators of the Facebook event, Andy Rowe, told the Daily Beast: “I have never laughed so hard like I have these last two days, yet understood so little about why it’s funny in the first place.

“I keep asking myself, ‘Why does it seem like the whole world is bent on seeing Limp Bizkit play at this gas station?’”

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