The Beatles get back in the UK Top 40 after Peter Jackson’s Disney documentary

Fans dive into the Fab Four’s music following release of the three-part series

Roisin O'Connor
Monday 06 December 2021 10:05
Peter Jackson Reveals How 'Get Back' Restored The Beatles Footage And Sound

The Beatles album Let It Be has jumped into the UK Top 40 after the release of Peter Jackson’s three-part documentary, Get Back.

The seven-hour series, which was released to Disney+ in November, is currently being enjoyed by fans who have praised the insights it offers into the storied band.

“I came away thinking of them as decent, sensible guys,” Jackson told The Independent of his discoveries while producing the documentary.

“They have disagreements, they have different ambitions. [But] there’s no ego, no prima donna [behaviour].”

According to Billboard’s latest report, Let It Be leapt from No 62 to No 22 in the UK albums chart this week, while the hits album 1 shot up from No 57 to No 37.

In a five-star review for The Independent, Ed Cumming called the docuseries “a masterpiece”.

“It is a monument to The Beatles, enormous and revealing, which acts as a bulwark against the endless books and articles and chatter about them by simply showing them as they were,” he wrote.

“In part, it is a corrective, but it is also a fortification. Any future assessment of the band and its members will have to measure up against the people we see here.”

In a comment piece published over the weekend, The Independent’s Louis Chilton objected to critics questioning the worthiness of the documentary.

“Ultimately, the nay-sayers have completely missed the point of the documentary,” he wrote. “The idea was not to deify McCartney and the others; it was to humanise them.

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“The conception of Get Back is so impressive to watch because of its very mundanity. And the doubters ought to know a thing or two about mundanity. When it comes to old, lazy songs, ‘The Beatles are overrated’ is about as old and lazy as it gets.”

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