Woman caught playing Pokemon Go at front of Beyonce concert

'This b*tch is playing Pokemon! She’s playing Pokemon while Beyonce’s singing!'

Woman hunting Pokemon during Beyonce concert provokes wrath of the Beyhive

You know the problem's spiralled far out of control when even Beyoncé in the flesh doesn't serve as an adequate distraction from your Pokemon Go addiction.

A video snapped at one of the singer's recent Formation World Tour dates in Europe caught one attendee redhanded; playing the game right at the front of the stage, while the singer strolled on past singing "Me, Myself, and I", if you can believe it.

"This b*tch is playing Pokemon! She’s playing Pokemon while Beyonce’s singing!" the fan behind the camera is heard screaming. “F*ckin’ Pokemon. Look at where she is! She’s next to the stage. This is the stage and this b*tch is playing Pokemon!"

Yeah, that just about sums up every BeyHive member's feelings right about now.

This incident is only one of an endless stream of improbable situations caused by the game: from getting stuck in a tree, stealing a boat, to players calling the police on each other over stolen Pokémon. Truly, this is an international addiction from which we may never recover.

Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that Rihanna had to warn fans against, "catching any Pokemons up in this b*tch", at her concert in Lille, France.

Now, just imagine what would have happened if Queen B herself had caught this blasphemous soul in the act. A portal opening up in the earth, leading straight into hell; commanded by a single raise of her eyebrow. Probably.

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