Observations: Hang out in the forest for saunas, songs and the circus


Jo Caird
Thursday 03 May 2012 18:08

Would you like to spend the night in a sleeping pod suspended from a tree as part of the theatregoing experience?

These days even the most conservative of theatregoers will probably have attended a site-specific show such is the increasing popularity of the form. It's less likely, however, that they'll have gone to see a performance in the middle of a woodland and spent the night in a sleeping pod in the trees as part of the experience.

Now they can, however, courtesy of Belgian company Time Circus, and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

AirHotel is a pop-up accommodation option like no other. After check-in, guests – aka audience members – are shown to their rooms, surreal-looking coccoon-like structures hanging above the forest floor. There are seven to choose from, including "The Shell", a wooden airship, and "The Lotus", with its unfurling parachute-material petals.

Poetry and songs can be ordered to your room, but "The Wellness Machine", with its bar, lounge and sauna, is where the magic mostly happens. Sit back and let The Strongest Granny in the Entire World, Silent Brambo and other Time Circus artists conjure up a performance that will make you feel like you've run away to the circus yourself.

AirHotel at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Norfolk, 11 May to 2 June. (www.nnfestival.org.uk)

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