Trending: The MTV Movie Awards is a most colourful cavalcade


Rebecca Armstrong
Monday 04 June 2012 21:36

If British TV has been dominated by flag-waving this week, across the pond, America's been busy crowning its own royalty at the MTV Movie Awards 2012. Fewer corgis, more Kardashians. But Sunday night's awards (screened last night on MTV UK) managed to have a few moments where the action was suitably red, white and blue hued.

Red stood for the carpet that stars such as Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart posed on, plus the fabulous frock Charlize Theron was sporting. White was represented by the knuckles of the clenched fists of those celebrities (Kanye, John Travolta, Charlie Sheen) in the firing line of host Russell Brand's gags.

Brand also supplied the blue, with dirty jokes about the size of Michael Fassbender's manhood and the, erm, furriness of Alec Baldwin's. Oh Russell. We are not amused.

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