Trending: 'Will you have a Mrs Doyle tea cosy? Go on!'

Rebecca Armstrong
Monday 16 July 2012 23:12

"Time for tea! Don't be silly, you'll just have a little drop of tea. Just a teeny tiny cup. Ah go on, go on, go on. Go on! There's always time for a nice cup of tea." It's the gospel according to Mrs Doyle, the long-suffering and oft-brewing housekeeper in the much-missed comedy Father Ted.

For her, a day without tea was a day not worth living. And if you're going to have a drop ("go on!"), you'll be wanting a nice tea cosy to keep it warm. Well, that's what Pauline McLynn believes. As the actor who gave us the comic creation that is Mrs Doyle, there's no one who knows more about a cup of tea. So she has capitalised on her insider knowledge – as well as her knitting skills – and created her own tea cosies, called Go Ons, which are available from her website

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, they start at €50 (£39) and are made by McLynn, who explains: "I intend them to look pretty as well as just making someone smile simply to see their Go On – I know they make me happy! And of course, they'll keep your tea warmer for longer." Are you sure you don't fancy just a wee one? Go on!

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