Game of Thrones theories: The Azor Ahai prophecy could reveal exactly how the series ends

'In this dread hour, a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword'

Jack Shepherd
Thursday 16 May 2019 10:58
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Preview

**Spoilers for Game of Thrones season eight, episode five ‘The Bells’ ahead**

Prophecies have been an integral part of Game of Thrones. Whether it was Melisandre​ telling Arya that she was destined to close “blue eyes” forever, or Maggie the Frog foretelling that Cersei’s three children would all die, nearly all the show’s major prophecies have come to pass.

However, there’s still one prophecy – arguably the biggest – that many fans do not believe has been properly resolved: The Prince That was Promised.

For many seasons, viewers believed that whoever was The Prince That Was Promised, widely believed to be the warrior Azor Ahai reincarnated, would end The Long Night by killing The Night King.

“There will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world,” Melisandre tells Ser Davos in the book A Clash of Kings.

“In this dread hour, a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.

Already, we have seen The Army of the Dead crumble into dust, with Arya Stark killing The Night King by stabbing a Valyrian Steel dagger through the villain’s heart. Arya, therefore, seemingly fulfilled the prophecy as she vanquished the darkness. Melisandre certainly believed this, with the Red Woman deciding to turn herself into dust outside Winterfell following the battle.

However, fans believe The Prince That Was Promised prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Arya, after all, had no flaming sword, and certainly not one that resembled the legendary weapon Lightbringer. The blade was forged by Azor Ahai, who tempered Lightbringer by stabbing it through his beloved one’s heart.

So who could still be Azor Ahai reincarnate? And how would this fit into the prophecy’s ascertain that “the darkness shall flee before” them.

During the penultimate episode of the entire show, we saw Daenerys Targaryen tearing down King’s Landing with her last remaining dragon. Daenerys, many people believe, has turned into the show’s final villain – one who has brought darkness to Westeros by killing thousands of innocent people. She has, unfortunately, followed in the footsteps of her father, the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen.

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Perhaps The Prince That Was Promised’s destiny is to end Daenerys’s (abrupt) reign of terror? And who better to kill the Mad Queen than Jon Snow, who would complete the Lightbringer part of the prophecy by stabbing his aunt/lover Daenerys through the heart with his sword – the Valyrian steel Longclaw.

Whatever the case, Game of Thrones has a lot to wrap up during the final episode.

The Independent‘s critic described the penultimate episode – titled “The Bells” – as being “out-of-tune” and criticised the episode’s writing, asking: “What is the logic here?”

Meanwhile, Varys actor Conleth Hill called his character’s demise “frustrating” and that the “last couple seasons weren’t my favourite”. Lena Headey has also spoken cautiously about her character’s death, revealing the reason why she initially felt “mixed” about the scene.

You can find a ranking of every character – from worst best – here. Flick through the below gallery for our ranking of every episode.

The final episode of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday. The show is available on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK.

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