Better Call Saul: All the Breaking Bad Easter eggs you might have missed

Pink Teddy gets a new relative?

Christopher Hooton
Friday 13 February 2015 14:16
Bob Odenkirk working at Cinnabon in the opening scene of Better Call Saul
Bob Odenkirk working at Cinnabon in the opening scene of Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad's Easter eggs became such an obsession amongst fans that I swear the writers started putting more in just to amuse them towards the end of its run. It seemed inevitable then, that Better Call Saul would follow down the same route, subtly referencing the darkness Saul has ahead of him in the prequel.

The pilot's opening was unequivocally a Breaking Bad-orientated flash-forward and is the most recent scene we have in its universe, while other moments picked up by viewers in the first two episodes are a bit of a stretch.

Here we rank them from definitely a Breaking Bad reference to small chance it's a Breaking Bad reference.

1. Saul ended up working in a Cinnabon in Omaha, just like he predicted

Don't feel sorry for him though, he did claim it was his "best case scenario".

2. The replaced windscreen

There was something darkly humorous about Walt's mended windscreen, cheerfully taped in place with blue tape as if it had been cracked by a stone rather than used to run down a dealer.

Jimmy's screen also had a human go through it (though not by his choosing) and clearly he got it fixed at the same place.

3. Saul parked next to his future car

Just as Walt drove an appropriately average Pontiac Aztek, Jimmy hauls a beaten up Suzuki Esteem. There was a reminder that marginally more prosperous times are ahead as Saul Goodman though, when he parks up next to a Cadillac DeVille, which is the same model he drives in Breaking Bad.

4. Pink teddy vs pink kitty

Even if this was a coincidence, the writers must have at least noted the similarities.

5. Saul lives on the same road as Gael Boetticher

Juan Tabo Blvd sound familiar? That was where Gail lived and died. This could mean that Jimmy's neighbour will later make an appearance, or just that Albuquerque isn't a very big city.

6. Walt and Jimmy both like to take out their frustrations on inanimate metal objects


7. They look kind of similar in their respective pilots

Or just both have a moustache of sorrow?

8. The same key fob was used in both shows

Perhaps it was just the most readily available?

9. A jacket and a hat like Walt's were visible in this shot

Oh come on now!

(H/T r/BetterCallSaul/Uproxx)

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