The Office star Rainn Wilson tells Billie Eilish to ‘move on’ after watching show 15 times

Pair appeared on Instagram Live together

Isobel Lewis
Wednesday 20 May 2020 11:01
Rainn Wilson tells Billie Eilish to 'move on' from The Office

Billie Eilish confessed to watching the US version of The Office 15 times during a conversation with actor Rainn Wilson.

As part of SoulPancake’s “Hey There, Human” series, Eilish appeared on Instagram Live with Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute in the long-running sitcom.

Confessing her love for the show, the 18-year-old singer admitted: “I just finished watching The Office for a 15th time two days ago.”

In response, Wilson joked: “It's time to move on to another show, really. Please!”

“I have tried, OK,” Eilish replied. “I can’t do anything about it. This was the 15th time and every time I hit that episode that says finale, I’m always like, ‘Goddamn it.’”

Later on during the conversation, the actor quizzed Eilish on her knowledge of the show, joking that she might need to give The Office a 16th watch after she got three of the seven questions wrong.

Eilish has used social media to keep her fans entertained during lockdown, in April surprising a number of her followers by allowing them to join her on Live and speak with her personally.

The lucky fans included people from Australia, Azerbaijan and the UK. Most broke down in tears after realising they were having a personal chat with Eilish.

One fan showed off impressive drawings of Eilish, while another thanked the singer for cheering her up after having a “bad day”.

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