Bill Nye Saves the World jumps the shark with cringeworthy 'My Sex Junk' skit

'This is a cool little segment'

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 26 April 2017 13:44

Netflix deployed its new Bill Nye show a few days ago but it's only now that people are chomping through it and starting to look around at each other with confused expressions.

Billy Nye Saves the World is a science show aimed at adults but, as Gizmodo notes in its review, "delivers so little information in such a patronizing tone it’s hard to imagine a toddler, let alone a sentient adult, enjoying it."

The nadir appears to come in episode 9 'The Sexual Spectrum', which sees Nye invite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom on the show for an odd, has-little-to-do-with science skit called 'My Sex Junk'.

It's a painful couple of minutes that limps its way to punchlines and sees Nye pretend to 'drop the bass'.

With a note of sadness, one former fan wrote of the presenter's show on Reddit: "Bill always comes off as frustrated, pretentious, or lost. I kept wondering "where's that amazing guy from my childhood?"

Another mused: "Science programming doesn't have to be 'hip' it merely has to be honest, which is exactly what makes it cool."

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