David Cameron burned by House of Cards’ Frank Underwood over offshore fund

Frank Underwood, a fictional president looking less and less corrupt by the minute in comparison to real politicians, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding David Cameron’s involvement in an offshore fund.

Labour accused the PM of “hypocrisy” today, after he revealed he once owned shares in an offshore fund established by his late father.

Pulling up a tweet Cameron posted in 2015 extolling the virtues of paying one’s taxes, Frank offered him this withering glance:


The delay in Cameron’s admission has caused a considerable amount of frowning in Parliament, with Business Minister Nick Boles saying that “with the benefit of hindsight” the PM should probably have declared his shareholdings sooner, but understood his "natural human instinct to rally round his father".

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said Cameron could not be blamed for the actions of his father, who flew to board meetings in the Bahamas or Switzerland, but: "He can for hypocrisy. He said that sunlight is the best disinfectant and wasn't entirely straight with the British people about what his own financial arrangements were.

"That wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't also been lecturing very prominent people about their own tax arrangements, some he called morally wrong for being invested in similar schemes.

"People don't like that and they want a lot more answers from David Cameron before this scandal goes away."

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