David Tennant set to star in US Broadchurch

The actor will play an American detective who leads an investigation on a shocking murder case

Daisy Wyatt@daisy_wyatt
Monday 28 October 2013 12:56
David Tennant in Broadchurch
David Tennant in Broadchurch

Doctor Who star David Tennant is due to star in the US version of Broadchurch.

The actor, who played DI Alec Harding in ITV’s Broadchurch earlier this year, is set to appear in the US adaptation being made for Fox.

According to Variety, Tennant will portray a similar character to DI Harding, an American detective who will lead the investigation on a case of a shocking murder that puts a town under scrutiny.

The Scottish actor has previously adopted an American accent when he starred in US legal drama Rex is Not Your Lawyer, but the show did not get commissioned past its pilot stage.

Fox announced it would be producing a US version of the Broadchurch in August. Filming is due to begin in January, with the series set to air at the end of 2014.

Chris Chibnall, who created and wrote Broadchurch, will write the first episode of the US version and serve as the series’ executive producer.

British viewers are awaiting series two of Broadchurch, which Chibnall has been secretive about.

It is not known where the second series will be set, or which cast members will be brought forward to act in the second run.

Jodie Whittaker, who plays grieving mother Beth Latimer in the series, told The Radio Times: “I could be in all of it. I could be in none of it.”

Listen to David Tennant's American accent:

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