Eurovision 2016 as it happened: Ukraine's Jamala wins amid tense new voting system

All of the glitz, pyrotechnics, and lycra - live as it happens from the grand final in Stockholm, Sweden

Clarisse Loughrey
Saturday 14 May 2016 18:00

It's finally time for the most glorious night of the year - live, it's the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

When you forget the normal rules of what music can, or shouldn't be, and find yourself brandishing Bucks Fizz and cheering on the most bizarre lycra-lathered people you've ever seen: heavy metal monsters, on-stage ice skaters, belly-dancing Xena the Warrior Princesses.

Yes, it's time for the Eurovision Song Contest: when Europe (and Australia, for some reason) comes together to declare, "Sure - I guess that's music", before grumbling about said music not winning due to political alliances.

We all know the drill. Grab your flags, and remind yourself why you always fool yourself into thinking the UK will win when it definitely won't. Then again, Eurovision always full of surprises, isn't it? Scroll down for our live blog for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - as it happens on stage in Stockholm, Sweden!

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