Eurovision 2016: Belarus entry Ivan to perform naked surrounded by live wolves

They've been trying to bite him in rehearsals.

Christopher Hooton
Monday 11 April 2016 07:54

In what he promises to be “undoubtedly an experience, a great experience,” Belarusian singer Ivan will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest completely naked and flanked by wolves.

Many assumed the 21-year-old was joking when he first outlined the performance, but footage of rehearsals posted by LifeNews shows the bizarre choreography becoming a reality.

It also sees a wolf nip at his naked flesh a couple of times, so this should be an interesting entry indeed.

"It's undoubtedly an experience, a great experience," Ivan, told AFP.

"Especially as I have never performed on stage before in my birthday suit and with wild animals."

Ivan might be forced into a last minute routine change however, as Eurovision bans animals on stage.

There is no rule about nudity, but spokesperson Paul Jordan told AFP being naked on a family show would be “not appropriate”.

"It's not about vulgarity or sex at all.” Ivan insisted. "We want this to be art, not porn.”

Viktor Drobysh, a Russian producer who’s worked on big Eurovision hits in the past and is spearheading this one, likened the performance to 19th-century French sculpture.

"I think the beauty that will be in our performance is comparable to that of Rodin's 'The Thinker'," Drobysh said, evoking the French artist's famous nude sculpture.

"Can you imagine 'The Thinker' wearing jeans?"

Ukraine's entry is also set to be an eye opener, centring on the mass deportation of Tatars under Stalin.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 14 May.

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