Every episode of Friends played simultaneously is like some kind of Dadaist nightmare

They'll be there for you, and in greater numbers.

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 06 January 2015 11:46

Friends is always playing somewhere in the world. It's been pretty much E4 and Comedy Central's sole strategy at one point or another, and, now all 236 episodes are on Netflix US, it has truly achieved immortality.

But if its omnipresence wasn't fearsome enough, Benjamin Roberts on YouTube laid every episode from season 1 on top of each other, creating 22 minutes of babbling and bubbling visuals in that familiar, warm sitcom hue.

The theme tune sounds like it's being played by Slayer in a giant tombola, the audience laughter becomes one long, continuous moan and the voices. Oh God the voices.

Aptly titled 'We Used To Be Friends' and following on from October's '25 years of The Simpsons cough gags at the same time', the video kind of sums up the experience of engaging with content in 2014 – an endless stream with no defined start or finish, all competing for your attention.

Fans of this should also check out Too Many Cooks, Adult Swim's nightmarish 12-minute 80s sitcom credits sequence it snuck into a late night schedule slot.

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