Game of Thrones theory hints at the fate of Jaime Lannister in season 8

Jaime looks set to die in the arms of the person he loves

Jack Shepherd
Sunday 14 April 2019 15:21
Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer - 'Survival'

As the final season of Game of Thrones, fans of the HBO show are feverishly predicting what may happen over the next six episodes.

One theory that has begun being widely discussed concerns Jaime Lannister, and how the Kingslayer could potentially perish.

First off, we should take a moment to look at the Valonqar prophecy that Maggy the Frog told Cersei.

The mystical woman told the Cersei that she will die at the hands of the Valonqar, which translates from High Valyrian as “little brother”.

While the obvious answer – and the one Cersei believes – would mark Tyrion as the culprit, many fans suspect Jaime Lannister, born a few minutes before Cersei, will kill her.

From here, fans have surmised that, as Cersei and Jaime love each other, Jaime will either die at the same time as Cersei or kill himself – a true Romeo and Juliet story.

This is seemingly back up by something Jamie says to Bronn when the pair venture to Dorne: that Jaime wants to die in the arms of the person he loves.

However, online sleuths have been speculating that this bit of foreshadowing could be misdirection, and that the loved one’s arms Jaime dies in actually belong to Brienne of Tarth.

“With Jaime and Brienne fighting wights in Winterfell, I anticipate Jamie will die in some valiant manner (perhaps getting Bran to safety – poetic redemption) and Brienne will cradle him in her arms at his passing,” writes one Reddit user.

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“Jaime does love Brienne (romantic or not) so this would be an interesting twist. Then Brienne can go back to King’s Landing and when it’s all said and done, update Jaime’s chapter in the Kings-guard book with his heroic deeds.”

This, of course, all necessitates on Jaime actually dying. A scientific algorithm, though, has predicted that Jaime has one of the highest chances of all the characters of surviving season eight.

Game of Thrones returns to TV screens 14 April. The show will be available on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK. Read everything you need to know about the forthcoming season here.

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