Game of Thrones: Richard Madden recalls ‘sobbing’ on flight home hours after filming Red Wedding death scene

The Scottish actor also addressed rumours he'll play Bond in a brand new profile interview

Jacob Stolworthy
Thursday 29 November 2018 11:12
Final scene of BBC drama Bodyguard

Richard Madden has recalled sobbing so much on the flight after home after filming his Game of Thrones death scene that other passengers were forced to move seats.

The Scottish star of hit BBC drama Bodyguard was reflecting on his death scene which occurred in the infamous Red Wedding sequence as part of the fantasy epic’s third season.

Speaking to GQ, Madden revealed that, directly after finishing the scene which saw his character Robb Stark die in a massacre alongside his mother, wife and unborn child, he headed straight for the airport to board a flight.

“I sobbed and sobbed on that Friday. I was hysterical actually. I was so exhausted. I cried all the way home,” he said.

“The air stewardess kept asking if I was okay. And then people moved and the rows behind me moved. I was sobbing and covered in blood. I looked like I’d murdered someone and got on that flight which, in fact, I hadn’t – I’d been murdered.”

Madden also revealed he “didn’t want to act again” after completing work on Jed Mercurio’s Bodyguard, which swiftly became one of the most watched shows in the history of the channel when it debuted in September.

He addressed the rumours that he could succeed Daniel Craig as the next incarnation of British spy James Bond.

“Everyone just loves the rumour mill on that topic,” he said, “I’m just the current one. There’ll be a different one next week.”

After admitting he’s a Bond aficionado who has read all the Ian Fleming novels, Madden added: “I don’t want to curse anything by saying anything. I think that’s the curse of that. If you talk about it, you’ll curse it.”

The interview will be available to read in the next issue of GQ which will be released on 6 December.

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