Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke on why fans should be very worried for Daenerys in season 7

Everything's on the up now for Khaleesi - but this is Game of Thrones we're talking about here


What a dramatic end to a spectacular series. As the dust settled on the events of season 6's explosive finale, we parted ways with Game of Thrones with one great glimpse into the future.

Daenerys Targaryen is coming to Westeros; her ships sailing over the waters, her dragons circling the air. The exiled queen is coming to King's Landing, and who will dare to stand in her way on her journey to ultimate power?

"Since marrying Khal Drogo, her one aim has been to get back to Westeros," Emilia Clarke told Entertainment Weekly of her character. "She’s got the dragons. She’s got the manpower. She’s got the ships thanks to the Iron Born. So there’s nothing else to do. She’s got to go now. Iron Throne!"

So what will season 7 hold for Daenerys? Is Cersei any match for the great Khaleesi? "Basically, I’ve got ships, I’ve got manpower, I’ve got dragons that breath fire," Clarke calculated. "And I apparently cannot be killed. I don’t even have an attractive man who wants to take his shirt off anywhere near me now, so there are no distractions."

"But as with Game of Thrones, you know when your character is looking good, that’s when you know you’re not safe. Because [the writers are] all, 'Oh, do you like her? We’ll kill her!'"

Who is Azor Ahai?

Clarke confirmed she knows nothing of the coming storyline, so the actress has been left to speculate just as much as the fans; meaning she's equally in the dark when it comes to whether Daenerys will cross path with her (presumed nephew) Jon Snow.

"Yup, but I just don’t know," she joked "Those rumors have never been substantiated within the Game of Thrones circle. It’s never been said. So I don’t know. I could kill him. He could kill me. He could be dead before we even meet. I could be dead before we even meet. Arya could kill us both! You never know! Anything’s possible. All I know is winter is coming… and I’m bringing the heat!"

Daenerys' arrival to Westeros will truly mark what's been described as the "final lap" of the show, which reportedly will only have 13 episodes left, stretched over seasons 7 and season 8.

"I’m going to go back and see my mates," Clarke said of the show's closing stages. "So Emilia feels really happy, I get to come home. It’s amazing. But the idea [Dany] might not see [Jorah Mormont actor Iain Glen and Daario Naharis actor Michiel Huisman] again, that idea suddenly makes the show feel like it has a finite ending and that’s really sad."

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