Game of Thrones season 7: Maisie Williams teases 'exciting' finale

'It's just a great finale, it makes me excited for the series after'

Jack Shepherd
Thursday 19 January 2017 12:03

Excitement for season seven of Game of Thrones is gradually building, the show’s stars teasing fans with brief snippets of information.

The latest to tease upcoming episodes is Arya actor Maisie Williams, who - speaking on BBC Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw - talked about the season’s exciting finale.

First, Williams revealed how members of the cast are not given all the scripts regarding the seventh season, just their parts: "I make educated guesses and we try and get answers and bits of information from the writers, but they keep it close to their chest.

Speaking about the last episode of season seven, which will be followed by the conclusive season eight, Williams noted: “It’s so exciting…it's just a great finale, it makes me excited for the series after.”

The actor also detailed how the cast will discuss what’s going to happen among themselves: “We go out for drinks and stuff and we just end up talking about the show and then.

“because we’re a season ahead we have to really watch what we’re saying because you don’t know who’s listening to your conversation. We’ve been on this show since the beginning you forget how popular the show is.”

Recently, a huge season seven spoiler hit the Internet revealing the potential return of a character previously thought to be dead. Click at your own risk.

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